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Dear Friend,
    This letter brings you heart-felt wishes for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season from all the equines here at Truhaven Ranch: Buttons, Serena, Rascal, Augustus, Macy, Bentley, Summer, Odessa, Mikka . . . Well, let us just say, Happy Holidays from all the equines you have helped with your generosity over the past years. 
    Did you know that we are starting our fifth year this fall? It is remarkable when you think about it. In four years over 110 equines have found new homes through Truhaven Ranch. 2014 so far has 26 adoptions and 30 intakes. The need is always there, whenever a spot opens up, there is an unwanted equine to fill it. We cannot do what we do without your help. Thank You!
    In addition to equine rescue we offer riding programs, equine education, volunteering and ranch visits for youth and adults of all ages. Our youth program pairs young people with rescued equines for an interaction that is amazing. Around 20 youth currently participate in various programs at Truhaven Ranch.
    This of course means that we are needed, YOU ARE NEEDED, today more than ever before! 
Your Holiday Gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or any amount will mean so much to the Equines at Truhaven Ranch.
    Your holiday donation will go directly to purchase hay for this coming winter. Through your donations we continue to create awareness, educate people on proper care and treatment of equines, offer more available programs for disadvantaged youth and ultimately rehabilitate and rehome the equines coming through our gates.

Thank You!!!!!