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Welcome and thank you to Cowgirl Tuff, the first of our sponsors.
Halloween Trail Challenge
 at Truhaven Ranch on
 October 25 - Rain or Shine!

2014 Wild West Fest Sponsors:
Robert Klein & Associates

Help Name Octavia's Little Boy. Please donate $10 to our Octavia Fund and put your name choice in via the donation button here. The person submitting the winning name will receive a Truhaven Ranch t-shirt. (deadline: midnight on September 1)

The Octavia Fund was started by a donation from the Bergstrom family of Scandia last December for Octavia's physical rehabilitation. We are continuing to work on Octavia's physical issues caused from having 17" and 21" long front feet causing her left shoulder to twist and creating issues with her spine. Now that the foal has arrived, we will be doing more acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy for her. Any funds not used by Octavia will be set aside for other donkeys in need.