Youth Program
Our Youth Program focuses on helping youth who are having a tough time. These young people may have experienced trauma, difficult circumstances or who simply seem to have the odds stacked against them. 

Our goal is to help these youth work through their struggles, avoid risky behavior and move successfully forward.

We introduce these young people to equines, who don't judge and  don't care about backgrounds or problems, they just offer unconditional positive love and support.

The size and strength of horses and other equines help riders and handlers overcome fear and develop confidence, courage and respect. Problem solving skills are taught and enhanced as youth learn confidence, patience and adaptability. The responsibility of equine care teaches compassion, hard work and communication skills.

To ensure that our program is effective, we accept a limited number of youth at a time so they can receive the individual attention they need.

​Youth may visit the ranch up to twice a week. Week days they will work with their mentor one-on-one with riding lessons or just getting to know a horse and their care.

Weekend programs are more social with everyone helping with chores, then participating as a group in various activities such as trail rides, games, bareback riding, obstacle course and other fun activities.

Our program is flexible and is designed for each specific youth.
Your Support will give a young person a chance to change their future.

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